Apart from pleasant weather, Monsoon is considered as the best season to search home.

Home Buying in Monsoon season
Home Buying in Monsoon season

India’s monsoon season comes after summer and is known for its frequent rains. Where there people get sudden relief from the blazing heat on one side, the heavy rain causes water everywhere.

In such a weather, people do not like to get out of the house but smart home buyers wait for the monsoon because only then is the ordeal of a good house!

Monsoon season reveals secrets of locality and connectivity up to last mile. Rainy season estimates capacity of drainage and sanitation system in city. A buyer gets enough time to access about internal and main roads, green belt, service road, dividers, traffic and infrastructure in the region. In the long run, these factors also affect the property’s resale value, so buyers must find out them.

Iftekhar Ahmed, MD of Nirala India says “It is smart to look out for property during monsoon season because the weather condition is toughest in India during this period. If someone is looking to buy property during this period he can find out whether the property has problems pertaining to seepage, leakage etc. Also the perspective buyer can find out if the area is prone to flooding, leading to traffic jams and transportation issues.”

After location, it is the turn of the project! During the monsoon there is a chance to test the project closely. The structure of the building, leakage, seepage, drainage, green area, landscaping, park, parking, waste management, water proofing, etc. are revealed in monsoon. Only after sunshine, rain and sunshine, the exterior and interiors strength of a building can be accessed and it makes home buying easy.

Hari Om Dixit, MD of Gayatri Group says, “India is known for acute weather conditions and rains come just after summers so only high quality construction can manage frequent temperature change in a building. Monsoon is the best season to visualize greenery, landscaping, sanitation and plantation in society. In monsoon season all aspects related to a quality project can be checked.”

The monsoon season is a bit sluggish for the property as the Pitru Paksha/ ancestral side starts after the spring, which lasts before Navratri. In such a situation, the developers put a pile of offers and discounts to sell the property. But on such an occasions, a smart buyer decides the property by bargaining well.

Avneesh Sood, Director of EROS Group, “Monsoon is beginning of festival season and it embarks from Janmashtami to Diwali, Christmas etc. In the beginning home buyers get ample time to search floor, size and location of unit. In fact they get full feature of the inventory available because developers also open new towers and ready to move in. So early searching gives opportunity to get units of choice which home buyers miss generally on later on stage due to festival rush.”

Saurav Paruthi, MD of Param Homes says, “Due to being a lean season developers offer freebies and home buyers have an advantage to do healthy negotiation too. Still we suggest home buyers to choose property over offers and discounts. For housing societies, monsoon season brings a challenge for drainage, connectivity, construction, architecture, amenities and maintenance in society. Rainy season testify overall maintenance of a society that includes restriction of seepage, leakage and any other condition.”

IRW– Monsoon season gives an opportunity to find out good developer and a chance to test his best work. An experienced and honest developer understand the weather conditions of region and develop structure accordingly. A home buyer always try to get real value for money and expects to get a reasonable appreciation in the coming time.